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Tenicor Holsters

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Tenicor is an American design, development, manufacturing, and training company. They build products that work. Since 2008, they have been determined in our design, development and testing of innovative and intelligent equipment. In 2017, Tenicor introduced their first commercially available products.

The genesis of Tenicor designs comes when they recognize there is a problem with their current equipment, and then designing an intelligent solution that works in training and real life. Training continues to be integral to what we do by providing a platform for rigorous and determined testing.  Tenicor understands that if the equipment fails in function or does not last, it is useless.

They design their tooling from the ground up in 3D CAD.  This allows Tenicor to build what works to their exacting specifications.  They then CNC machine the tooling for consistent and repeatable products.  The end result yields products with an organic precision that has a unique blend of aesthetics and function.

Force Justified instructors use Tenicor AIWB holsters with T1 belt clips on 16 hour days with zero issues.


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