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Zero. We still have unused Band-Aids from April 26, 1984.

Zero. No negligent, accidental, or unintentional discharges in the classroom or on the range by any student or instructor staff.

Yes. And we routinely train with and administer tourniquets with each hand to remain proficient, plus attend related continuing education as schedules permit.

Yes. Each instructor or range safety officer carries one tourniquet on-body and has a complete IFAK, including a second tourniquet, either on-body or within arm's reach in the classroom and on the range at all times.

Yes. We demonstrate on-demand, cold, to the tasks, conditions, and standards asked of the student in each block of instruction before the student attempts live fire.

Yes. Our tasks, conditions, and standards for each block of instruction are published and available at class for the student.

Yes. We are insured with a $1,000,000 liability policy underwritten by the Outdoor Insurance Group.

Our instructor certifications and continuing education classes are listed on the home page. Verifiable certificates and complete resume are available upon request.

We start with an unimpeachable commitment to student safety. For each block of instruction, we discuss and demonstrate each task, dry fire to the conditions, and live fire demonstrate to the standards. We challenge our students to perform to their potential but do not demand unrealistic performance.

Yes. Our strictly enforced instructor professional conduct standards are published for reference.

Yes. Each student who successfully completes our Carry Camp™ and Force-20™ classes receive a Certificate of Completion that can be verified for authenticity with a search by their Texas LTC license number.

Yes. We will testify at a deposition or in any Texas court at no charge to any student who successfully completed our Carry Camp™ and Force-20™ classes, but will require the student to compensate us for any travel expenses.

Yes. We feature recent testimonials on our home page and each class has reviews from verified students only.