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The only metrics that matter are student safety and instructor professionalism. Our students consistently demand and reliably expect us to operate at the highest standard of professional conduct because we:

  1. ALWAYS instruct the student to leave firearms in cases or holsters and NOT touch firearms until the instructor safely clears all firearms and all live ammunition must be in a secured safe area away from students.

  2. ALWAYS are professional in appearance, hygiene, language, firearms handling, and demonstrating shooting technique.

  3. ALWAYS clearly point to and verbally communicate the safe direction for muzzles, then visually clear, mechanically triple clear, and show clear on all firearms used for demonstration.

  4. ALWAYS mechanically triple clear the firearm before a trigger press during dry fire demonstrations.

  5. ALWAYS state the 5 Rules of Firearm Safety for Armed Citizens and provide the medical and evacuation plan in the Safety Brief at the start of class.

  6. ALWAYS state and define the range commands to be used during class, with demonstrated emphasis on make ready, shooter ready, fire, cease fire, and standby.

  7. ALWAYS politely inform any student not present for the Safety Brief they will NOT participate in the live fire portion of the class for their safety and safety of others.

  8. ALWAYS state the learning objective in terms of purpose and utility so the student knows both how and why for the task, conditions, and standards for each action they are asked to perform, then slowly and correctly demonstrate the action in class and on the range.

  9. ALWAYS require each student to demonstrate proficiency for all safety-critical actions dry fire in the classroom, otherwise the student is a live fire spectator on the range.

  10. ALWAYS have the student begin new actions on the range with step-by-step verbal commands dry fire until they can demonstrate safe proficiency before live fire, otherwise the student is a spectator that will NOT participate in live fire.

  11. ALWAYS load ONE round only with step-by-step verbal command live fire to demonstrate student safe actions with proficiency before multiple round strings of fire from a fire command only.

  12. ALWAYS remove any student from the firing line if they are unable to maintain safe gun handling practices, follow instructions, or complete actions safely.

  13. ALWAYS keep the student working, and on breaks they should be hydrating, loading magazines, repairing or replacing targets, and policing spent casings.

  14. ALWAYS ask each student the one thing they learned that was the most impactful.

  15. ALWAYS ask each student what they need to improve (if the instruction was good, they will already know their weaknesses).