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Congratulations! You just applied for your Texas License to Carry. Now what? If you are like most people, you will buy a holster and a belt. Then you will stand in front of the mirror and hopelessly obsess over whether you are printing or not. Then you will question whether or not you should carry with a chambered round or not. You should be questioning whether or not you have a complete understanding of justified use of deadly force. This article provides recommended reading for those choosing to be law abiding armed citizens.

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Many defensive firearms instructors adamantly preach shooting stance during classes and private lessons as if it is a critical skill to surviving a gunfight. Your fight will not be like a scene in a Western film. Stance academics is perpetuated by recreational handgun enthusiasts who debate the Weaver and Isosceles stances and their “modern” variants online ad infinitum. When it comes to defensive shooting to protect innocent life from imminent death or serious bodily injury by a violent criminal actor, the stance you were taught is completely wrong.

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“The Texas License to Carry class is how long?” is a response I got recently from a prospective student. They thought in the time it takes to grill burgers, the class can cover 147 pages of Texas laws and still have time to shoot 50 rounds on a course of fire with 3 stages and 12 strings. Some instructors take your money and cut corners. I don’t know about you, but risking my life and family finances on a second-rate class to save a couple hours on a Saturday afternoon is not worth it. This article breaks down the LTC class as mandated by statute and administered by the DPS.

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Are you a law-abiding everyday person who wants to get the most practical value for your hard-earned money? Are you a busy professional or parent and do not have time to waste on training that is not relevant to your needs? As an instructor who spends valuable time and money on 40 hours of continuing education each year, I am sensitive to your need to wisely choose a defensive firearms instructor. In this article, I share my instructor selection criteria.

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